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Pacing the Cage

Disgruntled student vs. machine

by Sam Brasch, editor


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It Gets Better

CC’s contribution to the campaign to support LGBTQ youth

by Joel Minor, staff writer; illustrations by Annabel Wheeler, staff artist

A little more than four years ago, my grandmother sat down to breakfast with me and told me a story. It was about one of the altar boys at St. Patrick’s, the Catholic Church in La Junta, Colorado that she attended for the better part of sixty years. The altar boy had everything going for him. He was a talented singer, he was smart and he had a beautiful smile. Then, one day, he killed himself. “Everyone knew he was gay,” she said. But that wasn’t all she said. Even years later, I could still see how upset she was because of his death. “It was such a waste,” she continued, “God just wants more love in the world.” Continue reading

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Trannies in Paradise

Transfer students talk about life, love and CC

by Alex Kryzanowski, guest writer

“It’s not you, it’s me.” These are the words I would have used to break up with my first college. I was only seventeen when our relationship began, not even old enough to buy over-the-counter Sudafed (the good kind) or a jumbo magic marker in some rural areas of California. But even at seventeen, I was taken with its looks and charismatic ways when I first settled down with Scripps College, a small, all-women’s school near Los Angeles. After the excitement of the honeymoon period ended, though, the relationship grew tense. At some point in our troubled relationship I woke up, rolled over, took a look at my college in the harsh light of morning and asked myself what the hell I’d been thinking. At that moment I knew it was time to hit the road. The spark was gone, and I had to come to terms with the fact that Scripps and I really had nothing in common. Continue reading

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Apple blows its chance to create an online music community

by Laurie Laker, guest writer

A quick glance around the average CC classroom provides a glimpse into a world riddled with veiled marketing genius—a world in which there is no greater power than Apple. Macbooks and iPods surround us, holding us at the friendly and eager-to-please gunpoint of sexy, clean lines and limitless adaptations. Having already stolen our laps and our ears, Apple now looks to rob us of our social lives, too. Continue reading

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The Other Side of the Desk

Learning to navigate French bureaucracy

by Lincoln Peek, guest writer; illustration by Eleanor Anderson, editor

I began to lose it on my third visit to the French Consulate in New York. “I don’t know what language I need to explain this to you in, but this is not what I want. I told you that this is not what I want.” But the fonctionnaire on the other side of the window turned me away yet again, and even called me stupid this time. “Deep breath,” I told myself, “getting angry will only hurt your cause.” I responded in my best calm-yet-forceful voice, “You told me that the bank statement could not be printed from the Internet; this was faxed to me by my bank.” Continue reading

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Rotten Eggs

Cracking the shell of factory farming and public health

by Sarah Hutcherson, guest writer; illustration by Annabel Wheeler, staff artist

This summer, I fell victim to the headlines warning consumers to beware of the salmonella outbreak found in eggs across the country. And just like that, my breakfast went from a toasted bagel complemented by freshly scrambled eggs and fried bacon to instant oatmeal  made edible with the push of a button. Newspaper headlines reminded me that the egg recall was not about hundreds or thousands of eggs, but millions. According to the New York Times, the salmonella outbreak sickened thousands of Americans. Though my friends called me paranoid, I did not want to add myself to this number, so I stubbornly continued my far-from-appetizing breakfast regimen. Continue reading

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Stringing Sounds Together

A look inside CC’s world-famous bowed piano

words and photos by Phoebe Parker-Shames, editor

“It’s a one-instrument orchestra,” said professor Stephen Scott, describing a machine that has made his ensemble, and CC, famous for musical creativity.

This machine makes drones and chords, sharp plucks and taps, sounding all at once like a guitar, an accordion, a woodwind, a marimba and a percussion section. Like nothing you’ve ever heard before, it produces such a wide range of sounds that it’s hard to believe it’s all coming from a single grand piano. Continue reading

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