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The Writing on the Wall

The plight of the bookstore

by Will Vunderink, editor; illustration by Lilly Turner, guest artist

During the summer of 2005, after my junior year of high school, I began working at a bookstore called Good Yarns in my hometown of Hastings on Hudson, New York. The store had been around for almost thirty years and smelled strongly of dust and old, yellowing books. I started the day a new owner took over. In the past, Good Yarns (pun oh so intended) had also sold yarn; the multi-colored spools covering one wall were among the first things to go under the new ownership. During the two years I worked there, our stock of books expanded by a huge degree, we re-arranged the whole store, and a large back office was devoted to online business and filled floor-to-ceiling with books. We inventoried everything in the store and put it all into a new computer system, had authors give readings, and took special orders for customers. Continue reading


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A Fantasy Fulfilled

A Cipher writer gets and interview with her celebrity crush

by Ginny Leise, staff writer; image by Miranda Hickox, guest artist

I have an enormous crush on Cappie, but there’s one slight problem—Cappie doesn’t actually exist. He’s a character on ABC Family’s Greek. So I have to settle for the next best thing—Scott Michael Foster, the actor who plays him. The drawback to celebrity crushes is that the thrill of running into or talking to them is always just out of reach. Then I got to thinking, “who says I can’t actually talk to him?” So I got on a handy dandy (stalker) website called, emailed Scott’s publicist, and scheduled an interview. The interview was scheduled for twelve. At one, he still hadn’t called. I was sitting on the toilet when the phone finally rang—not exactly the context of my dream meeting.

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