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“Best of” Q&A

Questions were posted around the library with markers and students answered the questions however they saw fit.


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Love Letters

Students wrote love letters and posted them around the library.


Dear Mature, Good-looking, Virginia Freshman!

It seems that you were carried to us, on a white heavenly cloud from the rolling hills of Virginia.  Your strapping physique is intoxicating with gorgeous blonde locks that lay with perfection with which only gods can compete.  You smell of freshly laundered garments, with the musky aroma of Appalachian adventure. Your Cash for Clunkers presentation was more like Cash for HUNKers!

We want to soak you. 

With great love and desire,

Your backseat buddies!


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Journalism Panel

On November 11, Cipher welcomed two great Colorado journalists to speak about the future of journalism in Colorado and around the country.  John Ennslin, a top reporter at the now-defunct Rocky Mountain News (see the “Best Of” Cipher) now working at the Colorado Springs Gazette, gave us a view of the aftermath of such a collapse.  Wendy Norris, a freelance reporter and the founder of, argued for the potential of regional journalism. Both journalists emphasized in particular the interactive nature of the Internet, suggesting that new media needed to capitalize on the interest of its readers in participating in their news. Both reporters shared a sense of nostalgia and optimism, and ultimately convinced us that journalism is not only going to succeed, but thrive in the Internet age.

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