Letter from the Editors

Dear Reader,

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been yelled at for causing a ruckus by a parent or grandparent. Back in our more innocent days, a ruckus amounted to being too loud, too wild, or too disruptive at the dinner table or when company was present. But for college students, in the absence of those well-meaning authority figures, there’s another wild world out there, and “ruckus” takes on new meaning.

You’re all familiar with the concept: Having at least one scheduled party to go to each night for three-and-a-half weeks before summer vacation is certainly a ruckus, as is the daytime debauchery of Blues and Shoes and Llamapalooza on consecutive Saturdays. In short, a ruckus is best defined as a wild time aided by loud music, crowds of people, plenty of beer, and the all-encompassing anticipation of beautiful weather and freedom from academics for the next three months.

But our writers this block take a wider view. Editor Andrea Tudhope provides the requisite coverage of CC’s party scene in her profile of a raging house we all know too well (pg. 26), while Lauren Harvey discusses the controversy that our Residential Life office has stirred up on (and off) campus (pg. 32). Johanna Holbrook attempts to understand the redhead appeal, and why the gingers among us seem to have so much more fun than everyone else (pg. 35). Editor Sam Brasch deconstructs Shakira’s “She-Wolf” video and discusses its feminist implications (pg. 29), while editor Phoebe Parker-Shames covers feminism at CC, interviewing the editors of the Monthly Rag about their role on campus and the commotion their newsletter has caused (pg. 38).

Amidst the ruckus that is eighth block at Colorado College, it is sometimes easy to ignore what these three-and-a-half weeks mean for the class of 2010: one last block in the bubble before the dreaded G-word comes and goes and the “real world” stares a few hundred diploma-toting young men and women in the face. With that in mind, I’d like to acknowledge the graduating (oops) seniors on the Cipher staff—John, Emma, Anna, and Jenny—who taught me all I know about Ciphering. Their presence has shaped and defined the magazine in the past couple of years and I’m thankful to have been a part of the Cipher during their tenure.

That said, we’re all very excited about the new staff of editors we’ve put together this semester. Who knows where the Cipher will go next year? Stay tuned.

Happy eighth block,

Will Vunderink and the Cipher editors

Letter from the Editors


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