Letter From the Editors

Dear Reader,

Generally, love and lust have pretty clear connotations. Love is pure. Lust is sin. Love is a many splendored thing; lust leads to many indulgent mistakes. Your faithful Cipher editors have a few too many horror stories of our own to argue: Picture getting your tongue sucked on by a leechy kisser. Or having some guy you barely know start talking dirty while you’re making out. What about having a guy cum on his own face during your first hookup? Or being asked to have sex with someone while he wears his hockey skates? Yes, these things have happened to us (though we’d never kiss and tell). Then again, love has its downsides too; certainly the heartbreak that often comes after love is far worse than the mortifications of lust. The illustration that graces this page did not, after all, come out of thin air. Of course, in the best situations, love and lust go hand-in-hand. That’s where the Love/Lust Issue comes in.

Seventh block is the traditional time for Cipher’s sex issue, and this theme felt too good to resist. So, we have given in to our instincts and gone all out. In this issue, you will find several stories about sexuality: Phoebe Parker-Shames looks into the LGBTQ community on campus, while Kathleen Hallgren gives a personal account that reminds us of the disconnect between our liberal theories about sexuality and our behavior when the lights go down and the music starts.  Nick Sirianno offers some thoughts on the often-ignored possibility of asexuality. This issue also illuminates the sexual potential of academia, with Sally Hardin’s article on erotic ladies in ancient art, and Sean Buck and Claire McKeever’s adaptation of Moby-Dick as a Harlequin romance. On the opposite end of the sex spectrum, editor Sarah Wool takes us inside the world of Colorado Springs’ famous Purity Balls, where girls promise to remain abstinent until permitted otherwise by their papas.

Like all of the Cipher sex issues, this one is juicy. Dig in.

Happy reading,

The Cipher editors

Letter from the Editors (PDF)


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