Pacing the Cage: Body Adaptations

If you could adapt your body in any way, what would you do?

compiled by Maggie Ruble; illustrations by Andrea Tudhope, editor

“I’d want retractable gills and webbing—but it has to be retractable like the wolverine, except like a fish.”

Amanda Noel ‘13

“Definitely wings or gills.”

Sandra Strebel ‘13

“I want wings on my feet to run faster.”

Charis Whitnah ‘13

“The ability to make myself invisible. Does this count? I want to apparate!”

Courtney Greene ‘12

“A kangaroo pouch. You’d never need a bag, and I’d love a tail.”

Alex Truax ‘12

“Where my chest is, I want a jukebox that plays show tunes.”

Andrew Vierra ‘13

“I would really like to photosynthesize and not have to eat.”

Hunter Lea ‘13

“I would have a little pocket on my side and be able to pull anything out of my body—anything I wanted. But is that magic and not an adaptation?”

Becca Thompson ‘12

“Prehensile tail or really big eyes to see in the dark. Or even just decent eyes . . . or stripes! That would be kind of cool.”

Alix Hudson ‘11

“Giant angel wings. No wait, I want to be a Na’vi, one of those things from Avatar!”

Nick Geyer ‘13

“I’d adapt so I’d never need sleep and still function at full level all the time. Then I would have perfection.”

Katrina Kutchko ‘11


Sean Buck ‘13

“I want manageable hair.”

Ally Wisler ‘13

“Leaner inner thighs.”

Carrie Nicholson ‘13

“You know when you wash your jeans and they are way too tight? Well, I’d adapt my body so they would fit perfectly after every time I wash them.”

Megan Hudson ‘12

Pacing the Cage


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