You Don’t Know Dick

Jacqueline Lundquist reveals the President’s secrets

1. A few years ago, Dick dressed in drag for an event at CC.  He looked JUST like his mom.

2. Richard Nixon once wrote him a letter encouraging him to get involved in politics.  He reprinted the letter on the cover of the local paper the day before election day. His Republican opponent lost!

3. When Dick was in college, he majored in history with the hope of one day becoming a teacher.

4. His favorite sports are tennis and snowshoeing.

5. He yells at referees at every sporting event (although that is not a secret if you have ever sat near him at ANY game).

6. Dick loves mystery novels.

7. Dick’s guilty pleasure is watching Law and Order: SVU (the executive producer, Neal Baer, is a CC alum) and The Closer.

8. He once had dinner with Isabella Rossellini and still regards her as one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen.  He has her phone number, although I’m not sure he has ever called her.

9. Dick is not afraid to show his softer side and often cries at movies.  This holiday season, there were tears at Avatar and The Blind Side!

10. When he was a young man, his grandmother told him the importance of setting goals. He told her he wanted to be 6’4” and live to be 105.  He is (or at least used to be) 6’4”.  So far, so good!

You Don\’t Know Dick


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