What Your Parent’s Don’t Know: Confessions from CC Students

Compiled by Sarah Wool, editor

I’ve been streaking. It was seventh grade. My three best friends and I were having a sleepover, and it was really late. We were hyper and we decided that streaking was a good idea because it was spring. So we went outside and ran down the block and back.                  

Class of 2013

They don’t know I’m pansexual. They also don’t know how sick-drunk I got at one party in December. I lost a shoe and threw up all over myself and slept on some random person’s couch. They may find out the queer part, but they will never, ever know about the drunk part if I can help it. The lectures I would get for that little event would be epic, and I really don’t need any more epic lectures. Also, my dad would laugh at me.

Class of 2013

I’m not majoring in neuroscience as my parents and I discussed prior to college. I smoke and drink. And I’m not going to come back this summer and stay in my parents’ house. 

Class of 2013

What’s more concerning is that my parents pretty much know it all.                

Class of 2012

The last time my fifteen-year-old brother visited me at school, he drank five glasses of Carlo Rossi, then proceeded to escape my house and make a confused, drunken tromp around campus all on his own. When I found him after twenty minutes of frantic searching, he was cross-legged on Yampa, singing the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song to himself.
Class of 2012

My friends and I have a whiteboard of tallies in our dorm counting the number of people we’ve kissed. There is an associated “Biddy of the Block” trophy. The last Sunday of the block, the Biddy Committee meets and allocates the trophy to the person who was the biddiest for that block. Factors in winning? Lax bros, gingers, frat boys, walks of shame, Red Bull vodkas, hockey players, and questionable outfits. One also gets points for multiple hookups with kids who run in the same friend circle. We like to think the committee helps us own our choices.      

Class of 2012


My parents love to tell the story of when my friends and I went to the midnight release of the seventh Harry Potter book. We were all dressed up and we cut to the front of the line and started reading our books immediately. So my parents tell this story to everyone, because they think it is so cute. But they don’t know that we had all gotten really high before—the true source of our merriment.

Class of 2012

What the CC party culture is like,

The things I write poetry about,

And that I am happier here than at home.

Class of 2010

On spring break in Mexico, I danced in a cage. There are pictures.
Class of 2010

What Your Parents Don\’t Know


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