Lost: Identity

Lost: Identity, Found: Rank #26

From “Lost & Found,” Vol. X, Issue 8, by Zachariah J.F. Stout.

In 2007, Stout discussed the perception of some students that CC was undergoing a process of evolution (or devolution, depending on who he asked). As the freshman class gained a reputation for being composed of “prep-school New England snobs with no value for the Honor Code,” freshmen pointed to standardized test scores to prove their superiority over the “last dumb class” of seniors. Sound familiar? Nostalgia for a dying breed of CC students has become an annual sentiment, and year-by-year the freshman class’s test scores improve (does the SAT still only add up to 2400?). This year, Vision 2010, CC’s “roadmap of ultimate goals for the near future,” will come to a close. While the brand-spanking-new Cornerstone Arts Center stands as a testament to campus improvements that the administration has made over the past several years, maybe CC hasn’t really changed so much after all. — EC

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