Letter from Tom Robbins

Letter From Tom Robbins

From Vol. IV, Issue 4, by Tom Robbins.

After suffering years of “offensive” and “outrageous” endings, Heidi Stuber started her letter to Tom Robbins (the author of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Another Roadside Attraction), “YOU INTOLERABLE SCHMUCK,” and went on to chronicle her long list of grievances against Robbins’s latest book, Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates. Stuber, a long-time Robbins fan, felt as though she had suffered enough from the author’s persistently vague endings and believed Robbins deserved an earful. She took specific issue with the lack of closure in the new novel, as well as Robbins’s jump onto the “Lolita bandwagon,” i.e. the mainstream media portrayal of women and children as sex objects and its perpetuation of violence against them. Republished here from the Cipher’s fourth volume (when it was still in newspaper form) is Robbins’s reply. Although Stuber claimed to stand by the integrity of her letter, we’d say that the old editors were correct in titling Robbins’s letter nothing less than a straight up “bitch-slap.” — JK

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