Jesus is my Homeboy

And New Life thinks he should be yours, too

by Simone Phillips, staff writer; illustration by Lily Turner, guest artist

As someone raised by parents who rejected the Protestant faith of their own upbringings, sitting through a “real” church service was equivalent to observing the practices of a foreign culture. But the same curiosity that entices teenagers to defy their parents and smoke their first joint tempted me to learn a little bit about Christianity. I had heard the list of grievances against the religion: the unrealistic demands of asceticism, the subjugation of women and the wars started in the name of God. Within the progressive bubble of my youth, the overzealous embrace of multiculturalism generated a pervasive belief in the utter foolishness of popularized Christianity. Nonetheless, the religion’s successful attraction of a wide range of followers made me wonder if I was the one missing something.  I decided to give myself the chance to get a glimpse of what drives popular Christianity. Although I held no illusion that after one visit I would be an expert on the church or a born again convert, I thought one visit couldn’t hurt.

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